The Chinese tech ecosystem has become a mirror world to the West tech world, innovating in divergent and parallel ways to their counterparts. English information on the state of Chinese tech is limited and refracted through narratives that do not deliver reality. This newsletter wants better for its readers. o You get deeper (and more accurate) insights into what’s happening in one of the most (if not the most) exciting tech scene in the world o You get my unique perspective as: A westerner who has a Chinese lens or a Chinese that has a western lens A VC and growth investor with 5+ years of SaaS and consumer tech investment experience A management consultant who spent time making slides, I mean, extracting, structuring and presenting insights This will make you more informed and a better investor / product manager / tech aficionado

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Sample articles from lillianmli

The tech spin-outs(Of Chinese tech's propensity for conglomerates and their unfavoured sons)
I have long been puzzled by this generation of Chinese tech's children running around, some disparate business carrying their parental name while others are content to strike out independently. Why did these firms spin out and let their former business units flourish as standalone businesses while Western tech has trembled at the idea of separation? Are Chinese tech's spin-outs1 a sign of things yet to come for Western tech? Or are the carve-outs done with Chinese Characteristics and not applicable elsewhere?... Read on

Of access and conference snark(What do financial advisors have to do with the lack of tech conferences in China?)
How much would you pay for access? How much time, how much money and how much effort? The questions were on my mind as I wandered around a muted SaaS conference in China this week. But more on that later. SaaS conferences (and start tech conferences in general) in the West have become formulaic businesses and ritualistic events to enable founder and VC connections. There is a product, and that product flogging potential VC connections to unconnected founders. If it's a SaaS conference, sometimes there's the bonus it's SaaS companies trying to sell to other SaaS companies under the guise of knowledge transfer. ... Read on