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St🗣ry Telling

Sample articles from eriktorenberg

The Marketplace of Ideas is Rigged
In theory, the marketplace of ideas is a great idea. If only it truly existed... The point of this piece is to explain how the marketplace of ideas is rigged: It’s heavily regulated, participants have no skin in the game, and, even when it does exist, the best ideas don’t always win.

Why Libertarians Lose
Libertarianism has been around for a long time, and yet it’s always had a niche audience. Not only does libertarianism not have mass appeal, it also doesn’t have appeal within elite powerful circles. Some cooky billionaires notwithstanding, libertarians have virtually no influence in media, academia, or any of our sense-making institutions. Their arguments carry little weight in societal discourse, and their power seems to be diminishing overtime. Even though the U.S. government overall is bigger and more bloated than ever before, libertarian ideas are still becoming increasingly irrelevant to people on both sides of the aisle. What gives? Why do libertarians keep losing? ...