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Sample articles from realNathanCheng

A Tour of All Senolytics Companies
Elie Dolgin recently wrote an excellent article in Nature on the roughly two dozen companies developing senescent cell therapies. In this article, I will examine these companies in greater detail to determine which ones are most promising. At the moment, only one company is public (Unity Biotechnology), but more companies will inevitably go public as they progress to clinical trials. As an investor in the longevity biotech industry you should familiarize yourself with these companies — senolytics is one of the hottest subsectors.

Top 10 Things to Watch in the Longevity Industry in 2021
2021 is going to be a big year for the longevity industry and the growing longevity revolution. Others have noticed too. Noted biotech investor, Brad Loncar, predicts that “anti-aging” will be the most over-hyped area in biotech in 2021. Cathie Wood of ARK Invest predicted that her Genomics Revolution ETF would outperform all her other funds over the next five years. Life extension made the list for tech to watch in the 2020’s in a recent blog post by Eli Dourado. The prescient innovator-futurist Balaji Srinavasan started evangelizing longevity in 2020, too.