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Product Management

Sample articles from producthabits

How 51 leading tech teams define the Product Manager role
What are companies actually hiring Product Managers to do? What responsibilities should a PM expect to own? And what product skills are in demand? We decided to find out. We analyzed 51 job postings from tech companies in Silicon Valley. Companies ranged from small startups (1-50 employees) to larger one (10,000+ employees) like Uber, Visa, and Amazon. Of the 51 Product Manager positions we analyzed, 33 of the openings were labeled as Product Manager roles and 18 of them were Senior Product Manager roles. Here’s what we learned: Read on...

Why you shouldn’t ignore your competitors
This post is written by Marie Prokopets, co-founder of Product Habits and FYI, and features slides presented by her co-founder Hiten Shah at the 2019 Appealie SaaS Conference. I’ve been told countless times to ignore my competitors. Don’t waste time thinking about what they are doing. Don’t look at their latest features. Don’t worry about them. Basically, pretend they don’t exist. Instead, I’m told to focus on my customers. Read on...