I am an entrepreneur building Vital and I’m interested in health optimization, longevity, fasting, fitness, nutrition, the future of aging & self-experimentation. I realized a few years ago that it was actually very difficult to navigate in the ocean of health-related content and find what I really want: science-based information on how to get healthier and promote longevity. I created this publication to share what I learn and what I try to help other people in their quest for better health, better habits, and better living. Subscribe to get the newsletter directly in your inbox! I try to make it high signal, low noise, and I hope you're enjoying it.


Sample articles from Mehdiyac

The Long Game 58: Health Benefits of Nature, Lindy Effect, Precognition, the Pension Apocalypse
We explore the following stuff in this article: The health benefits of nature Lindy life Precognition It takes longer than you expect 100 years of science fiction themes

The Long Game 60: Non-Invasive Health Sensors, Loneliness & Technology, Polygenically Screened Babies
🥑 Health 🦾 Rockley Photonics & Non-Invasive Sensors 🌱 Wellness 🤖 Loneliness: What Robots Can and Can’t do for the Lonely. 🧠 Better Thinking 🌐 The World Is a Very Malleable Place. ⚡️ Startup Stuff 💦 Hard Work