Make yourself cozy. Pull up a (utilitarian) chair. Have a refreshing glass of water. This is an every-three-or-four-week letter for product builders. We’ll talk about product & design, leadership & team, and the way we grow and evolve. Who am I? I started building products as employee 100-something at Facebook and went on to head up product design for the FB app for many years. I’ve kept this blog about design, technology and leadership for a good chunk of that time. I wrote a bestselling leadership book called The Making of a Manager in 2019. Currently, I work with amazing startups as part of my company Inspirit. Who am I writing for? Those of you who know me well know that secretly, all my writings are letters to myself. It’s the stuff I need to hear. But, if you are like me—someone who loves building products; someone who is a designer/engineer/pm/researcher/analyst; someone who obsesses about working with others; someone who’d like to better understand herself—then maybe you will enjoy reading this too. Who knows? Maybe these letters give you some things to pause and think about in your own journey.

Product Management

Sample articles from joulee

Products, Politics, Eyes, Networks, oh my
As Shreyas Doshi, Grandmaster of Wise Product Tweets once told me, Twitter is a great medium for learning! Easy on the eyeballs, quick on the reshareability. And like some kind of chemist, you’re forced to distill what you know into its simplest essence. How to make it not fortune-cookie obvious, but not so complex that you repeatedly slam into the cold stone wall of the 280-character limit while trying to coax out a nuanced discussion until you give up to look at NFT art instead? (This is, of course, purely hypothetical.)

The Looking Glass: Why we do what we do
Comfort with ambiguity + trust in the process = critical for innovation. 45 minutes is never going to make you an expert on someone’s abilities, but better questions can give you more insight into whether their values fit with yours. Read on..