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⚡️Product managers, don't do other people's job: Taruna Manchanda
Some weeks ago, I asked on Twitter who are the best product managers I should have on the show. And many people said we should have Taruna Manchanda, now at LinkedIn talk about her experience. We finally made that episode happen. If you enjoyed listening to our episodes with Mona Gandhi, founder of Upraised; Disha Chhabra, product manager at Google, and several other product managers we’ve had on the show, you’ll definitely enjoy this. ...

Pricing strategies for Indian startups
One of the most common things you hear in the world of startups is “We weren’t able to monetise.” Pricing strategy is an important concept that must be incorporated into the plan from Day 1 - even before execution because if you know what your potential customers are willing to pay for, you will automatically prioritise features to fit the price (a.k.a cost based pricing) ...