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Sample articles from brettbivens

The AirPods Industrial Complex
What the iPhone was for the Consumerization of the Enterprise, AirPods will be for “Industrial Consumerization". The Consumerization of the Enterprise is a multi-decade trend that seems to have recently hit a high water mark with Slack’s IPO and high visibility funding rounds for companies that are addressing almost every enterprise job category or workflow with products that are adopted by teams or individuals and which prioritize user experience — productivity, satisfaction, autonomy — above all else. Read On...

The Merits of Bottoms Up Investing
While I wouldn't classify myself as a dyed in the wool value investor, the fundamental driven approach that the discipline holds central has been influential in the way I think about investing and I've found that the core principles that originated with Graham and have been built upon (and popularized) by the likes Buffett and Munger are useful across asset classes — even venture capital — and can be applied more broadly to decision-making in almost any context. Read On...